Palliative Care Education – MD Consultation, Coaching & Counseling

pallative-care-educationPalliative Care physicians and nurses face stressful situations every day. They must work with families to discuss best treatment and care options for their loved ones and handle the emotional aspects of delivering life-changing news to families and patients. Learning how to deliver news and conduct prognosis option discussions with empathy and respect will help caregivers provide better services to their patients.

I offer education in Palliative Care and Education in MD consultation coaching and counseling for caregivers who want to improve their interpersonal communication with patients. I also offer counseling for caregivers themselves who may be feeling emotional distress as a result of the stress of their jobs.

Chronic Illness Counseling

Individuals with chronic illness often experience intense emotions ranging from anger and resentment to depression and hopelessness, as do their families. Through chronic illness counseling I help these individuals and families come to terms with the condition and develop skills to help them through the emotions they experience. Techniques may include talk therapy, relaxation exercises, and meditation as well as techniques used to help individuals through grief, anxiety, and depression.

Appointments are available for chronically ill individuals themselves or for the friends and family members of a chronically ill person. I provide a safe and confidential environment where you can explore the range of emotions you are feeling without guilt. We will work together to find a way for you to make peace with your condition and develop a positive perspective for whatever the future holds.

Counseling And Education In Palliative Care Is Available

If you are a palliative care physician, nurse, or caregiver, contact me for assistance to improving your prognosis option discussions and bedside manner or for help navigating the extreme emotions that your job evokes.

If you have a chronic illness or have a loved one with chronic illness and need help dealing with the emotional aspects of the illness, please contact me for an appointment. I cannot make the illness go away, but I can help you manage the emotions surrounding it.

Contact us at 407-765-1653 to schedule an appointment.