Your First Visit With Us

On your first visit to my office you will fill out a brief application and consent for treatment. In a comfortable setting, we will discuss the reasons for your visit. Your confidentiality is considered extremely important, and is protected more easily in my small practice setting.

You and I will work together in a trusting, confidential environment to develop a positive self awareness and confidence. Our work together can lead to an overall improvement in mood, behavior, and physiological responses in conjunction with behavioral modifications such as social skills training, relaxation exercises, and many other techniques.

The better you know yourself, the better you will function in your life. Better functioning may include improvement in your family, social, romantic, work, academic, and even your athletic life. When you have a freedom from old habits and patterns of behavior, you will experience a broader range of life choices.

I specialize in what is known as Insight-oriented psychotherapy. Insight-oriented psychotherapy is based on the assertion that current psychological, emotional, and behavioral problems and difficulties you experience in everyday living result from unresolved, unconscious conflicts left behind from your childhood years. In our session work, I will also incorporate methods of treatment from other schools of therapy: collaboration, education, reframing, and problem solving while learning healthy and effective ways of coping in today’s demanding environment. The goal of psychotherapy is to make these unconscious conflicts conscious in order to gain control over them.

My goal in working with you is to empower you to gain understanding of your problem and work with you to develop insight into its origin, effects and resolution.

As your therapist, you and I will work together toward achieving the goals you desire to set for your life while embracing change. Your self-knowledge is your power to embrace each moment of your life with joy.